Do you feel #Proactive or #Reactive? Answer the question

CEs and managers are mainly reactive and not enough proactive. Why that and what is the right way to develop and maintain your business?

Reactivity is mainly generated on old business where things are in place and seem to be too much costly to change. People generally say “don’t change things which work” and I would add “as long as you challenge them every day and don’t find a better approach”! It is also extremely used by our governments when things happened (terrorism, issue on retirements program, healthcare systems …). Reactivity alone is like an anti-age cream, when it’s too late it’s hard to make it efficient !

Our world has no speed limit to change. That must push all of us to open the creativity window, get ideas from all internal and external sources and take action quickly : don’t hesitate to listen, don’t hesitate to invest, don’t hesitate to go outside the box and use all what is already existing to reinvent your model. If you don’t do, others will!

Then my advice would be: Proactively-react with creativity.

Having said that, I would be interested to hear from you on the following question :

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