What Is The DNA Of a Medical Laboratory (#Medlab), Industry Or Service ?

Do you know other activities in which you use raw material not to produce a product but to provide a service ?

In the past, everybody agreed that a medical laboratory (#MedLab) was a pure service company as doctors are ! But what about now ?

#Automation, #SupplyChain, #Logistics #QualityManagement, #Outsourcing, #Productivity, all that words are now current for lab managers. The activity has changed, the purpose remains the same. Nevertheless, Is that still a service ?

Regarding the definition of the word « Service », I would say « Yes », as a service is « the action of helping or doing work for someone » or « a system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities… »

If, as #LabManager, you still consider it as a service then :

  • Keep your focus on the medical #CustomerService, measure the #CustomerSatisfaction everyday and permanently improve the way you work
  • Don’t miss medical services by pushing too much priority on synergies and cost reductions, but think about how you can provide a better satisfaction
  • Continue to grow – that’s where #MedLab meets industry, you need it to survive! – keeping in mind that what you are expecting is maybe not what customers expect.

Therefore, in our new competitive environment linked to the price pressure, the #MedLab’s DNA is really both an industry and a service.

Bertrand Guillot
Founding Partner & MD at ComeXium Consulting
Paris, France
Visit us : http://www.comexium.com

Want to perform ? +33 6 71 83 15 23

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