#MedLab : A Consolidation Speed Ever Met In Any Other Business Areas !

#MedLab Consolidation in France is still on going with quick steps. The consolidation speed is amaizing with more than 60% of small labs which consolidated in bigger labs. First step, from 2010 to 2012 was showing a first huge concentration going from more than 4000 Labs to 1609, then second step, from 2012 shows the continuous consolidation.

#MedLab : How Do You Manage Consolidation Projects ?

ComeXium suggests a pyramid to follow macro steps in a consolidation project. The purpose is to keep focus on Clients during that transition phase.

The Interactive Map Of French Private Medical Laboratories (#MedLab) !

What France looks like if you look at the map of the private Medical Laboratories (#MedLab) ? Interesting, right ? More than 4000 Private Point of collections are referenced in the country including non metropolitan area.