The Tought Letters

#MedLab : 2018, Encore Une Année de Consolidation Intense !

A la fin de l'année 2018, 50% des sites de laboratoire appartenaient à l'un des 7 groupes Nationaux (#Cerba, #Biogroup-Lcd, #Inovie, #Synlab, #Eurofins, #Unilabs ou encore #Laborizon).

#MedLab : A Consolidation Speed Ever Met In Any Other Business Areas !

#MedLab Consolidation in France is still on going with quick steps. The consolidation speed is amaizing with more than 60% of small labs which consolidated in bigger labs. First step, from 2010 to 2012 was showing a first huge concentration going from more than 4000 Labs to 1609, then second step, from 2012 shows the continuous consolidation.

The Interactive Map Of French Private Medical Laboratories (#MedLab) !

What France looks like if you look at the map of the private Medical Laboratories (#MedLab) ? Interesting, right ? More than 4000 Private Point of collections are referenced in the country including non metropolitan area.

The 96% which challenge you on your Medical Laboratory (#MedLab) #LeanSixSigma approach ?

“Good data drives good decisions” said Robert Michel at the 2015 Lab Quality Confab, but as a lab, how do you ensure that good data are provided by your teams? What are the processes in place to ensure the accuracy of data? What are the tools which allow you to gather the right information in the right category?

#MedLab : How Do You Manage Consolidation Projects ?

ComeXium suggests a pyramid to follow macro steps in a consolidation project. The purpose is to keep focus on Clients during that transition phase.